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Is your pet feline bored?

Be bored no more! Telekat features 88 minutes of HD video of animals which cats love to look at and listen to. It brings the outdoors inside. Watch it on your TV, media playera, AppleTV, laptop, desktop computers, iPads, Tablets, smart phones / iPhone, and games consoles!

Buy it Now Birdie! Some happy birds flying

Watch Telekat on any device

Today's cat has access to a variety of screens and devices that are Telekat friendly. Let your kitty watch on your television, computer, iPad, tablet games console or even smart phone. Simply copy the file onto any mp4 compatible device. Plus, if your kitty is an iKitty, you can drop the file into iTunes and sync with all your Apple devices. Get your kitty a copy and let the fun begin.



Watch on your TV!

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We love Instagram! We post a lot of photos of 3 our testers Roxy, Tina and Steve, and are huge fans of #catsofinstagram

If you take any photos of your cat watching Telekat, tag it with #telekat or #miaowie and we'll share it with our friends and followers!

Steve trying to get the space birds
Roxy licks her chops and takes a break
Steve on Hamster Tracking duty
Tina nips out for a bath!
Roxy heading up the sports department
Fun and Games
Steve loves his football
Steve's favourite website - Miaow.ie!
Fake Fur!
You spend too much time on the computer Steve
Bored Tina?


If you need to get in touch with us we're @miaowie on Twitter or find us on Facebook :-)